Portrait of a soldier group.


Portrait of a soldier group. Date Created/Published: between 1860 and 1865, re-photographed 1961. Photo of the American Civil War provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 photographic print.


What an interesting photograph of comrades in arms. Clearly, these were very young boy-men. The innocense of these "near children" who were thrust into the horrors and terror of gruesome war is apparent in the eyes of the two young men holding hands in this photo. One can only imagine that perhaps these two young men might have been brothers or friends from a home community. Perhaps one was "slow" (mentally challenged), as I'm certain there was no provision but "survive or die" back in those days. I feel such a strong empathy and compassion for those poor, uneducated people whose simple lives were interrupted (or cut short) by this horrible war.