Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. View of Maryland Heights.


Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. View of Maryland Heights. Date Created/Published: 1865. Civil War image provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 negative : glass, wet collodion.

Maryland heights / Harpers Ferry

I guess I'm just one of those people who hate "proguess". My friends and I were hiking up to Maryland Heights more than 35 years ago, we weren't professional hikers or anything we didn't need anyone to tell us to get up there and it was GREAT, the View fantastic, and I'm sure not as crowded as it is now. There were even times that we'd see mountain goats,something I doubt anyone sees now. Unfortunately I've lived in Florida for quite sometime and haven't been back in at least 20 years and I can only hope that this beautiful area hasn't been turned into just another tourist trap in which money is more important than preservation. It seems now days everything is about how to make some money and that will NEVER be as important as leaving beautiful places, beautiful places.